Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Engagement Party

Most people choose to skip out on the engagement party, but I felt like Carrie should have one. My husband and I had one to kind of "kick off" the wedding year ahead of us, and we were so glad that we did! An engagement party is normally thrown by the bride or groom's parents, but in this day and age, anything flies! Besides that, I didn't want to call their parents and look like an I asked that everyone in the wedding party bring an appetizer and left it at that. On the invitations, we asked that everyone bring their favorite wine or spirit to enjoy a toast with Carrie and Jayson. This was so easy and I recommend that anytime you can ask people to bring these things, you do! So it's a nice way of saying BYOB! There was no way that I could afford to buy all of the alcohol.
Everyone had a wonderful time. The parents gave toasts. The the best man and I gave toasts. The bride and groom got a little misty eyed. It was a great nite! At well after midnight, I was walking out the door with the happy bride behind me thanking me for a wonderful engagement party!


  1. Excellent advice!! I will definitely bookmark this for future use! :) You are right on with all of your observations!!

  2. What happens if the best man is my (MOH) ex boyfriend, how can these duites and expectations be handled in a way thats not difficult?